Tai Cheong – Holland Village

Tai Cheong is best known as the most famous egg tart in Hong Kong.  A few years back it opened a pop up store in Takashimaya and the egg tart craze in Singapore was on.

Now they have opened a Cha Chaan Teng in Holland Village that features hot foods as well as their famous egg tarts.

I went for a late lunch and early tea one day to check it out.

It is quite small inside with a few more seats outside.  That makes it real difficult to get a seat during peak hours of lunch and dinner.  But make sure you get there before 2pm or else the hot menu closes down until dinner. The menu is not that big, but it has your favorites that you would find in a Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng. For tea we went with the great Egg Tart and the Ying Yang.  And also one of my most favorites that you can’t find in Singapore – the Coconut Cream Bao.  The egg tart is awesome and the Bao – creamy and awesome. For the hot dish, I went with the Beef Brisket Curry.  This was one of the first dishes I ate when I went to Hong Kong for the first time 20 years ago and had it many times growing up as a kid in New York’s Chinatown.

This version brings back all of the memories that are there.  It’s a little more watery and “Singaporean” than in Hong Kong or Chinatown, but the flavor is right there.I cannot tell you how much I love Hong Kong Cha Chaan Tengs.  This is pretty good.  Despite the wait and crowded nature of the place, it works for me.



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