Mitsuba – Clarke Quay

Went to celebrate my parents’ 50th Anniversary at Mitsuba because my parents love a good buffet and love decent Japanese food.  Mitsuba has an a la carte buffet that features some pretty good items.

Mitsuba is owned by a friend, William Chia, who is a retired banker.  He set out to create a place which has affordable and enjoyable food.  The buffet is a reasonable price of S$38.90 per pax and you have quite a selection.

We have some starters in Smoked Salmon Salad, Edamame, Tofu, Gyoza and Chawanmushi.

At Mitsuba, all of the items are smaller in size, but remember, you can keep ordering things over and over again.

On to some savory items, here is Beef with Onions in a special sauce.

A little Curry.  This is real small, so order a few!Teriyaki Chicken Skewers. Stewed Pork Belly.Bacon wrapped Crab Sticks. Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms. This one is interesting, Squid Ink Noodles with Squid.Onto the Sashimi and Sushi.  I love Mekajiki (Swordfish) and Hamachi (Yellowtail).

Some Spider Rolls, Ebi Tempura Rolls, Ebiko and Oshinko. Unagi.Grilled Fish is another area which there are a lot of selections.  Salmon with Salt, Shishamu, Teriyaki Saba, Shio Saba and Salmon Batayaki.

Tempura and Fried Items are also many.

Assorted Tempura (Prawn, Eggplant, Potato, Fish, Mushroom, etc)

Fried Squid Tentacles. Fried Ebi.Fried Salmon. William sent over some Mentaiko Cream Scallops as well.

We ended with some Green Tea Ice Cream.

It’s quite a nice spread.  Affordable, good, and you can eat what you want.  Excellent!


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