Nana’s Green Tea – Plaza Singapura

We always see a queue here so we wanted to try it out one day.  So one Sunday we did.

They have a lunch special every day and the selections are not that bad.

We started out with drinks – it has to be Green Tea right?  With Ice Cream too!

I see Loco Moco on a menu, I need to try it.  So I did.  It’s a little different with the Tomato Sauce rather than a Brown Sauce.  The spicy tomato sauce makes it a little different.  But it’s still pretty good.

The Chicken Nanban was a huge plate of food and looked pretty good.

Beef Sukiyaki Udon is pretty tasty.

The Salmon Cream Sauce Udon is not that great though.

It’s not a bad deal, I would eat this again for sure.


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