Famous Kitchen – Sembawang

My wife saw a video of a flaming chicken on one of her friends’ Facebook feeds and she was sold – we have to go to Famous Kitchen and get this.  So off we went for a lunch!

Located in Sembawang, it’s not too easy to get to unless you drive, but it is quite well known.

It’s quite roomy inside and pictures of many past patrons adorn the wall. The key item to order here is the Volcano Chicken.  They say you need to order it in advance.  We did and here’s what came out:

Time for the Volcano!

As it burned, it also roasts the chicken for a bit, giving it some more flavor.

After the fire went out, it was then chopped up and ready to eat!

The chicken was tender and had a pretty good taste to it.  It definitely is different and worth the show.  The two sauces provided are great as well.  The one on the right is the Ginger/Scallion/Oil paste and the other is a nice sweet green chili that hits the right spots.

What else did we eat?  We had a Seafood Fried Bee Hoon.

This was pretty tasty.  The noodles were fried nice and crisp and the gravy was tasty as well.  Different as usually it’s crispy Hong Kong noodles.  This is a nice change.

We also went for a Prawn Tofu.  Not my most favorite thing in the world. The Volcano Chicken is worth the visit.  This is pretty cool.


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