Rosy & Nora – Haig Road Food Centre

In all of my years in Singapore, I have never had Roti John.  I was in the area of Haig Road Food Centre near Geylang Serai and decided it was time to change that as I saw Rosy & Nora open.

It is said that this place has one of the best Roti Johns in Singapore.  It is made by taking a French style bread, spreading some lamb mince on it and some onions.  In the case of Rosy & Nora they slather on an egg mixture and then place both sides of it face down on a griddle.  Here is what you get.A little greasy and not a lot of ingredients inside, but it’s tasty.  Dipped in the sweet chili sauce it gets it done for me.

I really want to try the Ball Kentang at some point, which is a potato ball with a gravy, but that’s for next time!

Roti John, yup, I can eat you again.


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