Fatty Thai – Beach Road

I had heard a lot about Fatty Thai and the Thai Wonton Noodles that it offered.  I heard it was one of the best, so one day I stopped on by.

Located in a corner coffee shop on Beach Road, it wasn’t that busy on a rainy Wednesday morning.  I decided to go for the $4 version here. My first impressions were that the Char Siew looked different than anywhere else, as it seemed “Thai style”.  The way it looks is how it’s roasted and how you see it in Thailand.  Other than that, it looked pretty normal to me. Putting it all together I have to say it’s a nice bowl of noodles, but it’s not a blow you away type.  The Char Siew is good, not dry and that’s good.  The Wontons were good, but not memorable.  To me, a little better than average bowl of Thai Wonton Mee.

I would go back again, no doubt.  I actually want to try the Khao Ka Moo, which is my favorite Thai dish.  Next time!


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