Tempura Kohaku 天ぷら 琥珀 – Suntec

I had a meeting around Suntec and had a craving for Tempura.  I walked by Suntec’s Eat at Seven section and saw that they had Tempura Kohaku, the latest addition to the group of restaurants.  A small queue was starting to form so I decided to go for it!


It’s not that big inside, thus the queue does form.  All tempura and plating are done behind the counter, while there is a small kitchen attached.IMG_8813

The menu is quite simple.IMG_8812

The beauty is watching the process.  All tempura cooked in two frying vats on one side.  Prawns are done in one, vegetables and the other items in the other.IMG_8817

Then they are all put together and sent out.  It is all made to order.  When there are no orders to fill, the group preps for the next batch.  Nothing sits out under a heat lamp at all.IMG_8818

Before we get to the Ten Don, here is their Gari.  With bits of lemon peel it has a nice taste to it, different than that you get when eating sushi.IMG_8820

Finally, my Ten Don!  This is the spicy version.  At first, I didn’t think it was that spicy, but then it kicks in! IMG_8823The Ten Don was satisfying and filling!  Two prawns, which were cooked just to perfection, simply snapped when you bit into them.  A Chicken Tenderloin filet, which was smooth and tender, a piece of cod, which was soft and tender, a crab stick, which I didn’t think they needed, were the proteins included.  Then you had Green Beans, Pumpkin, Baby Corn (which was sweet and a different addition to the bowl) and Mushroom.

I savored every bite, it was really fresh and a delight to taste and eat.

Get there early or during off hours.  If you go during the peaks of lunch and dinner, be prepared to queue for a long time because of the limited space and the made to order kitchen.

But it’s worth it!


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