Wolf Burgers – Suntec

I am still on my quest for a great burger.  This leads me to Wolf Burgers.  Located at Suntec within the Pasar Bella.  Let’s give it a shot!

img_9288I went for the Wolf Burger with Bacon.  Had to give it a shot.  It looks pretty awesome! img_9289I have to say that it was pretty tasty.  The only thing I wish is that the Meat to Bun ratio was more even.  There is a lot more bun than burger, with this single patty.  I suppose if I moved up to the Alpha, with 2 patties, then it would have been better.

But, the meat was tender, you can choose your level of cooking, and it was seasoned nicely.

I didn’t try the fries though.

But I did try a Milkshake.  This was the Horlicks Vanilla milkshake.  Which is not really a shake.  It’s more of a almost frozen liquid thick drink.  A milkshake needs to be thicker.  You have to really suck through the straw to get it to come up.  This doesn’t get there.  But it was tasty.

img_9290I want to try the Alpha next time.  See if it can convince me to really come back again.


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