Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa – Ho Chi Minh

There are Bánh Mì stalls everywhere in Saigon, but how to choose the best?  The internet, people I know, and even the staff at the hotel all pointed me towards Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa as the place to go.

img_9300Just a short walk away from the Ben Thanh market, I went for a nice evening snack.  They are open late, and I arrived around 7pm and there wasn’t that much of a queue – if you can find the queue.

Just be patient, make yourself seen and someone will take your order.  They are all quite busy making sandwiches and taking money and bagging all at the same time.

img_9298All the lovely goodness of a Bánh Mì is there in the stall.  They are pretty quick and reliable.  You can specify what you want in it, but then again, if you’re a first-timer, just take what you get and give it a shot.  For me, I’m not so hot on the Pate, but it makes the Bánh Mì.  And let’s face it, they do get a little short if you hold up the queue by pointing to what you want or don’t want.  Experience it! img_9307I wish there were a little more vegetables in it, after all, that crunch of the pickled vegetables makes a great Bánh Mì, but the taste it awesome.  The bread is nice and the meat is just right.  Enough Pate and Mayo to make it moist as well.

The issue is figuring out where to eat it once you get it!

The other issue is consistency!  What happens when you go back?  I went at the beginning of October, I am back in November.

img_9758Never always the same, but still mighty fine!


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