Phở Ông Hùng – Ho Chi Minh City

I need some Phở, as it was a little rainy and wet in Saigon, and I wanted some of the lovely soup.  It was a little late at night and my options were limited, thus, I went to one of the chain shops – Phở Ông Hùng.


When you head into the chain, you’re not sure what you are going to get.  I would prefer the street version, because I feel the broth is deeper, but this will do.  The special.img_9305

The broth was nice, but not as deep and rich as I would have wanted.  It will do.

Here are some Shrimp Rolls.  Nicely crisp and flavorful also.img_9306Very chain-ish, and expensive compared to the stalls that are open in the morning and during the day.  Yes, it was only 143,000 VND (6.50 USD) for all this food, but a bowl of Phở is around 50,000 at some of the better places.

Yes, go here, the Phở is good.  It’s just not an authentic Vietnam experience.


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