Hereford Beefstouw – Copenhagen

It was late.  We were hungry.  We were walking.  We wanted Danish food, but decided to go to the first place open as we were going towards the hotel  It turned out to be Hereford Beefstouw near Tivoli.  It’s a steak place.

img_9381It looked warm and inviting and that was good for us.  We weren’t exactly sure we wanted Steak, but, we were hungry. img_9382 img_9380The menu was definitely steak heavy, but we were able to find some Fish Roe with Pancakes. img_9378And of course, a steak.  A ribeye here, about 250g, with a baked potato.  It was done nicely, not bad at all. img_9379If you want a steak, you can get it.  It’s quite expensive, as everything in Denmark is with 25% MOMS.  But, try it if you want.  I recommend other places though.


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