Höst – Copenhagen

When in Copenhagen, you have to do some fine dining.  The city is renowned for Michelin star restaurants and the dining experience.  Yes, I waitlisted for Noma, and actually got a call from them, but we were committed to dine at Höst for the night.

The place is nice, in a quiet neighborhood and we were eagerly awaiting the experience.

img_9474 As you walk in, there is a nice garden feel to the place.img_9458Nice windows to look out on the street. img_9459But, there is another place to dine!  In the basement! img_9460This is old-time building, stone walls and rebuilt.  It looks like a totally different restaurant, and adds to the atmosphere. img_9461Time to check out the menu after we were seated downstairs. img_9455Here is the set menu for the evening.  There is also an 8 course menu, but we decided to go with the 5 course, as it looked like a lot.  You can add the wine tasting menu as well, but we opted not to. img_9456In the kitchen, they are preparing away. img_9457Our first bites of the night.  This is a Cheese Mousse with Cress on Rye, the Amuse Bouche for the evening. img_9462 But wait, there is a second one! A Potato Mousse with Cheese in a Fried Shell.

I have to say that the bites were nice, deeply flavored.img_9463 Our first course came and it was Beef Tartare, topped with a Tomato Sour Cream, all put inside of an actual Beef Bone.  The Tartare was on the bottom, layered with the Sour Cream. A little rich, but the taste was quite nice.img_9464 An intermediate course of Bread, which they charge for in a lot of places, but not here.  Homemade Butter as well.img_9465 The next course was a Scallop with Sea Salad, a bit of Mussels.  It was accompanied by a Chicken Broth with Shitake.  Not sure what the broth was really for, it seemed out of place to me.img_9467 The next course was a Bone Marrow and Truffle Risotto topped with shaved Cauliflower.  Quite a unique combination.img_9468This was served with Pork Belly and Apple Puree wrapped in Kale.  This was a little decadent as well, and the flavors did match. img_9469 The fourth course was a Beef Tenderloin with Smoked Cheese, Gherkins and Cress.  The Gherkins added a nice texture to the dish.img_9471 Finally for dessert there was a Yogurt Mousse, topped with liquid nitrogen Porter Beer Ice Cream, and Berries.  This was nice a light and a great end.img_9473The meal was great and everything was going well.  The service was incredible, the servers all explained everything nicely to us and paid great attention without being overbearing.

But all of a sudden it went downhill.

Our server started talking to the table next to us, and totally forgot about us.  I watched as she offered them coffee and gave them a complimentary dessert to go with coffee.

We never got offered coffee, nor the complimentary dessert.  That, to me, is quite rude when you’re sitting right next to the table.

In the end, it took us 20 minutes just to try to get the bill.  No offer of anything else, coffee, tea, etc.

It sort of ruined it for me.

The food was great and so was the service.  Until the end.


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