Danish Hot Dogs – Copenhagen

The Street Food scene in Copenhagen is dominated by one thing – the Hot Dog.

We tried it twice in our four days in Copenhagen, one was a must-have recommendation and the other was to see what the fuss was.

The first one we went to was our first eats in Copenhagen, within 2 hours of landing.  In front of City Hall, before our walking tour, we had one to fulfill our stomachs.

img_9377Almost all of the hot dog carts in the city look like this, just different names.

Here is the Danish Classic.  It’s a toasted bun, with a Hot Dog, red in color, Mustard, Ketchup, Remoulade, Fried and Raw Onions and Pickles.img_9375

It’s messy, that’s for sure!  But quite good.

The stand that we heard was a must-have is DØP.  It is located right next to the Round Tower, but we also found one on the main shopping drag.  We went to the original one here.

img_9495They pride themselves on being Organic Hot Dogs and ecologically friendly. img_9493 They have a lot of selection, including type of hot dog.  You can have different meats and styles here.img_9494But you know what?  The Classic.  That’s what we want.

It’s not red, like other places, but I suppose that is because they don’t want the red food coloring in their hot dogs.img_9492A little skimpier on the toppings, but maybe that’s because they are real busy.
It’s good, but I think I can settle for the regular one.  Same pricing though.  I’ll try it again!


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