Oink Oink BBQ – PapirØen Copenhagen Street Food

We had to visit PapirØen in order to experience Copenhagen Street Food.  It is a bunch of stalls of international foods housed in an old paper factory warehouse.

On a Friday night it was packed, but looking at all the stalls was fun.

img_9484 img_9485We settled on Oink Oink BBQ for the Pulled Pork Burger. img_9486Here are the pork shoulders slow roasting in the oven. img_9488 Once one comes out, they shred it up.img_9490And here is the finished burger.  Slaw, spicy BBQ sauce and Curly Fries.  The taste was smooth and tender, a great burger for sure! img_9491There are a lot of stalls.  Be prepared to be confused as to what to eat.  But definitely check it out.


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