Tri Šešira – Belgrade, Serbia

I honestly can tell you that I never thought I would be in Serbia, but here I am, in Belgrade.  So what do I want to do?  Eat local food!

We heard about Kafanas, the great local eating places, especially in the Bohemian Quarter of town, and in turn, we heard about one of the best – Tri Šešira – or Three Hats.

img_9534Right in the Bohemian Quarter, it is a nice Kafana that is quite popular. img_9550What is the Serbian specialty? Grilled Meats. img_9549We actually wanted to try the Skadarlija Dinner, but instead through some strange miscommunication and a very stiff/Eastern European waiter, we wound up with the Mixed Grill.  But more on that later.

One of the traditions of these Kafanas are the musicians that play at your table.  They supposedly play for tips, but here they just play, as I didn’t see anyone tip them.img_9538 img_9548 With no tips, maybe that’s why they look so angry…

img_9544Any way, back to the food.  I went for a nice salad of Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Soft Cheese.  This was pretty refreshing and a nice start to the meal.  Cleansed the palate for me. img_9539Then our Mixed Grill, which we thought was something else at first.  Oh well.  Either way, it was grilled nicely, a great flavor.  A little salty and dry for me, but, that’s traditional!

You had chicken, pork, beef and sausage as well as potatoes.img_9541 With more people, there could have been more variety to try, but with two of us, that’s about all we can actually eat.  I’m willing to try it again – if I ever find myself in Serbia.


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