Köşebaşı – Istanbul

I had to make a quick stop in Istanbul for a night and because of the shortness of the stay I didn’t get to make it into the center of town, so settled for a nice meal near my hotel by the airport.

At the Galleria Mall there are a bunch of nice restaurants, but I chose Köşebaşı, which is a chain, but serves some nice food.

img_9558There is inside and outside dining, but with a little bit of rain, I sat inside. img_9561They have ovens inside where they make freshly baked breads, Turkish pizza, etc.  The baker is sort of wondering why he is in the picture. img_9569To start with I went with Lahmacun, which is a Turkish pizza.  Seasoned with Lamb and other herbs and spices.  This is a small one.  The size is deceiving, as this is really only about 4 inches in diameter. It’s really just a two-bite size starter.img_9560They also have a grill there, where they grill meats and vegetables. img_9567Grilling away. img_9568 For the main, I went with Şaşlık Kebap, grilled beef and onions on a skewer.  Served with some grilled vegetables and a wrap, it was tender and fresh and well seasoned.img_9563 Finally to top it all off, some Turkish Coffee.img_9564And of course, dessert.  Künefe, made right away on order. Kadayif, small strands of pastry, are wrapped around cheese, baked crisp and dunked in syrup and then a dollop of Kaymak on top.  img_9565Cut it open and you can see the deliciousness of it.  This was just a party in my mouth.  Absolutely gorgeous tasting.  I love the Kaymak, the creamy cheese on top, it’s a nice spread to compliment everything. img_9566A good introduction to Turkish food is this place.  Highly recommended as a starting point for Turkish cuisine.


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