Tempura Tsukiji Tenka – Wisma

There is now a Japan Food Town at Wisma, a collection of Japanese restaurants.  Some of imported right from Japan, so I tried Tempura Tsukiji Tenka for some Ten Don the other day.

img_9630They fry their tempura on the spot, so it is fresh. img_9629I went for their Special Ten Don, and it came as a set.  With Salad, Potato Salad, Miso and a little Almond Pudding as dessert. img_9628But the star is the Ten Don.  Prawn, Fish and Vegetables.  It’s nicely fried and the rice is also quite nice. img_9627But you know what?  It’s not standout, not outstanding to me.  Just average.  And for the price of SGD$27, it’s not a bargain.

I will wait in queue over at Suntec at Tempura Kohaku over just sitting down and eating this.  Better price, food, quality and taste.


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