Chir Chir Chicken – Bugis

Chir Chir Chicken is a chain that specializes in Korean Fried Chicken.  For some unknown reasons, I have just been craving KFC for the longest time, so we tried this one out!

img_9650 They label themselves as a Fusion Chicken Factory, trying to combine different flavors and fusion style KFC.img_9643 Quite crowded on this day.img_9644The first thing we noticed was the interesting utensils.  There is a tongs with space for your fingers.  I’ve never seen this before. img_9649 They call themselves fusion, but you know what?  I want KFC and I’m going for KFC.  The half and half with the Spicy and the Traditional.  It comes with two sauces, a mustard and a pico de gallo style.img_9646 Take a closer look, it just looks good.img_9648And it tastes good too!  Not too spicy for the spicy side, but still a little sweet.  The traditional was crispy and juicy.  This does it for me, the portion is huge for a decent price too.


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