My Banh Mi Bistro – Ho Chi Minh

I should have known better.  But I had to.  It’s like a train wreck.

I am a huge fan of food television and celebrity chefs at times.  Like many fans of the genre, I have chefs I love (see Morimoto, Ming Tsai, Eric Ripert) and those I can’t stand (Bobby Flay, Geoffrey Zacharian, Anne Burrell).

So in Ho Chi Minh, there is My Banh Mi Bistro opened up by a guy I can’t stand – Bobby Chinn.  His shows have him pictured as an arrogant ass that seems to make fun of people and their cultures while trying to do a cooking show.

So of course, I had to go in and try his Banh Mi.

img_9755The menu has interesting twists to the Banh Mi, like different style flavors, etc.  But I go with the classic Pork Banh Mi. img_9756The bread is too crispy and the pork rather plain.  At double the cost of some of the best places in Ho Chi Minh, it ain’t work it.

Bobby Chinn.  You suckered me in.  Never again. That is until I eat at Bobby Flay’s place…


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