Somewhere in Quan 3 – Ho Chi Minh

You smell grilled meat all the time in Ho Chi Minh.  So for lunch, my colleague brought me past the guy grilling on the street, down an alley to a place to eat that was the first story of someone’s house.

img_9763Look at the grill! It’s on the street, away from the eating area so it’s not smelly when you eat! img_9764Who would have known that when you went down the alley and turn a few times you get this? img_9761Look at the selection! img_9760Grilled it fresh, chop it fresh, eat it fresh.  Man, it is awesome! img_9759

And a coffee too!img_9765There is no name for this place.  You just go and follow your nose.  It does help to have a local though, because sometimes this just isn’t for tourists.


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