Le Chasseur – Eunos

By the name of it you would think it’s a fancy restaurant.  It’s not.  It’s a restaurant in a coffee shop in an industrial estate in Eunos, by Geylang Serai.  Is Le Chasseur any good?

img_9775Grilled Prawns.  A nice taste to them for sure. img_9776Ngoh Hiang.  Not bad here either. img_9777 Beef Fried Rice.  Not that great to be honest.img_9778Prawn Paste Chicken. Here it is chicken chunks, not chicken wings.  It definitely made it better. img_9779 Omelette.  They have an Otah Omelette which we had, and that was spicy!img_9780Veggie! img_9782Tofu with Meat and Prawns. img_9783 Grilled Sotong. Quite nice.img_9784 Their specialty is Claypot Rice.  It wasn’t bad at all.  A little dry, but pretty good.img_9781A pretty decent Tze Char.  If you can find it!

The price is pretty reasonable too.


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