Whampoa Club – Shanghai

Dining on The Bund, let’s do it in style at The Whampoa Club! Located at Three on the Bund, above Jean Georges, it’s a classy place to eat and get a view.

img_9917The interiors speak for themselves. img_9916 img_9901 img_9902And the view from the table? img_9903Now for the food.  Wasabi Prawns.  Outstanding. img_9905Shanghai BaBao Noodles.  Quite flavorful and a good eat. img_9906Seared Cod wrapped with Scallions. img_9907 Hairy Crab Meat!!!img_9908 img_9910Lion’s Head Meatball.  This one was definitely different than others I’ve had. img_9911Dessert was an Almond confection.  Almond Cream with Candied Almonds and an Almond Pudding Tart! img_9912 img_9913 img_9914And finally, another view! img_9918Pricey for sure.  This is where you go with the expense account.  Otherwise, I am not sure I would come here.


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