Katsukura – Kyoto

Above JR Kyoto Station there are many restaurants.  Katsukura is one of them and the queue is always very long.  What’s the fuss?

img_9939A lot of people seem to like it!  It’s quite small though, seats about 40 at the most. img_9940Here you grind your own sesame and put it into the Tonkatsu Sauce.  It’s supposed to bring out the flavor. img_9941 img_9943They have plenty of sauces.  They have regular Tonkatsu Sauce, Spicy, Salad Dressing and the Mustard. img_9942Here it is!  The glorious Rosu Tonkatsu.  Again, I go with the fattier version, the Rosu, instead of the lean one. img_9944So glorious.  Fried nicely, just an awesome taste.


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