Din Tai Fung – Taipei 101

Taipei, 101, Din Tai Fung.  Yup, it all goes together nicely!

img_0129The army of workers putting together the XLB! img_0130Known for noodles.  Pork Chop Noodles. img_0132 Known for Wonton Noodles.img_0137Known for Spicy Noodles. img_0139Known for Soup too! Hot and Sour Soup. img_0135 And Fried Rice, Prawn version here.img_0133And also with Pork. img_0134And famously known for Dumplings.  Here is the Japanese Gyoza style. img_0136Wontons in Spicy Sauce – Before img_0140And after. img_0141But, best known for Xiao Long Bao.  Here is the normal Pork ones.  So thin skinned and juicy. img_0131 Crab Roe and Pork.  As indicated by the plastic crab!  Don’t eat it!img_0142 And something I haven’t seen except in Taiwan.  Squash with Prawn XLB.  Such a great refreshing taste to this one.img_0138Something about XLB in Taipei and at Din Tai Fung.  It’s awesome.


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