Fu Hang Dou Jiang – Taipei

Soya Bean Drink is the name of the game and is a traditional Taiwanese breakfast drink. It goes along with You Tiao or Shao Bing.  There is a place where the queue is long and the Dou Jiang, You Tiao and Shao Bing are amazing.  This is Fu Hang.

It’s located at the Shandao Temple Metro stop in Taipei, and the line, well, let’s say it is long!

Here’s our experience queuing.  You look at it from a distance and you can see it on the street. It stretches on the street back past the entrance to the MRT station on the right.

img_0161 It’s not that bad right?  It’s only that queue on the street.  So you get into queue and see.img_0143You turn the corner and then realize that there’s a bit more to go, about half a block, and then you turn into the entrance to the building.

And then you realize that it goes to the second floor!

At this point, you’ve been in queue for about 15 minutes.img_0144OK, let’s see.  The queue snakes its way up the stairs. img_0145 And another flight of stairs.img_0146 And finally you’re in!  But wait, more queue!img_0147 And more queue, after you get around the corner.img_0148 In the meantime, take a look in the kitchen.img_0150 img_0151Finally, you get there after 30 minutes!

The menu is not that big, but you better study, because ordering goes quick and they push you along.  Make up your mind!  Not a lot of english, in fact, almost none.img_0152 Order drinks first at the first station and then order your bread at the next station are what the red signs mean.

We order our Dou Jiang, or Soya Bean drink.  You can have it hot or cold, eating here in a bowl, or taking it away in a paper cup.  Tell them, you can’t really go back once it’s done.img_0153 Then they push you to order at the next station.

First up, Dan Bing.  Egg Crepe.  Like a Prata with Egg almost.img_0156A Peanut baked pastry. img_0157 A glutinous rice ballimg_0160 Then the main attractions!  You Tiao, or the Fried Dough Cruellers/Sticks.

You can get them by itself, which people like to dunk into the Dou Jiang, or just eat it by itself.

Or you can get it wrapped inside a Shao Bing, or baked bread.  This Bing can be Thin or Thick.  If you want thick, you get Hou Bing.  Thin to me is better.img_0154Wrap it up and eat away!  Dunk it, eat it, just go for it and forget about the carbos. img_0155 Why not supersize it?

Add a scallion omelette to it!  And then wrap it all up!img_0158Do you feel your cholesterol rising? img_0159I know it’s a 30 minute wait usually and it is intimidating.  But go for the experience.  It’s fun!


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