A Fishball Story – Timbre +

I have heard so many good things about A Fishball Story.  How the fishballs and fishcakes are homemade and that this is the new generation of hawkers in Singapore.  It was time I got to see first hand what it was all about.

Located at the Timbre+ gastropark at One-North, it wasn’t too busy when I went at 10am on a Monday morning.

img_0166 The stall faces the main road and it’s not hard to miss.img_0163The menu is quite simple and explains it all. img_0165I had to go for the premium, in order to try everything they offered.  What a bowl!

The fishballs look so bouncy and springy.  The fishcakes look so different, as they are homemade.  The crispy fish skin is a nice touch, and the Fried Dumpling is awesome.img_0164In addition, the mee pok was done right, not too soft, and the chili and vinegar made it just perfect.

One of the best bowls of mee pok I have eaten in Singapore.  I am sure that I will go back here!


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