Bake Cheese Tart – Ion

Heard about this Hokkaido Cheese Tart where the queues are 3 hours long and wind throughout B4 of Ion.  So when I walked by Bake while Christmas shopping, I was shocked to see a queue of 5 people.  So I jumped in queue to try it!

img_0184These are the only people in front of me in queue!  What 3 hour wait? img_0180Pricing structure. img_0179And here they are!  So lovely looking! img_0182Is it worth the hype?  It is a really good and creamy cheese tart, no doubt about it.  It tastes pretty awesome.

But, if I had to wait 3 hours?  No.  The queue of 5 was just perfect.  If it was 10 I also might have waited.

When I got to the front of the queue, about 5 minutes from when I joined it, the queue had formed behind me to about 15.

Try it.  But only if the queue is not so long.


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