Tsim Chai Kee – Central, Hong Kong

Right across the street from Mak’s is Tsim Chai Kee – a Bib Gourmand Noodle shop.  Mak’s left me still hungry, so I decided to join the small queue across the street and see what the queue was about.

img_0236They cook it fresh as all shops do. img_0234 Here is the menu.  Simple.  Just say what you want.img_0233The Three Treasure Noodle was where it’s at.  I wanted to try it all.

Look at this!  Wow, looks amazing!img_0235The sliced beef on the left is tender as anything.  The Minced Fishball in the middle is smooth and flavorful.  And the Shrimp Wonton? Huge! And fresh and crisp.

The noodles are springy and the soup is awesome.

Wow, for HKD$38 it is super value for money.  Get here! And if you only have the room for one noodle, choose this and not Mak’s across the street.  You can tell them I said that.


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