Humpback – Bukit Pasoh

I had heard about a Seattle-style eatery in Tanjong Pagar/Bukit Pasoh right by the Outram Park MRT.  Called Humpback, the place has been said to carry live oysters and plates similar to those in Seattle.

Having lived in Seattle, I’ve been wanting to try it and one night Lena surprised me with a visit there.

img_0269 It’s grouped with a lot of other outlets on Bukit Pasoh, so it was interesting.

The menu looked real nice too.  Very reminiscent of places like The Whale Wins and Walrus & Carpenter in Seattle.img_0274One of the attractions is Oysters.  During Happy Hour, 5-8pm every night, except Monday, when it’s all day almost, they are S$3 each.

They look like they run out, but they are in constant supply.img_0272We watched our good friend shucking oysters constantly during Happy Hour, and happily doing it. img_0273He was assisted by Polo, the executive chef, who told us the ins and outs of the oysters, how to tell them apart, where they came from, what they tasted like, etc.  Polo told us that they always have the Hama Hama and Blue Pool in stock, and change out the third or more. A real great conversation with both of them.

Those of you that know me know that I am not an Oyster person at all.  But, I tried, because it seemed like the thing to do.

We went for 2 of each they had on the day.  img_0275The Hama Hama was a little smaller and more oceany.  The Blue Pool was nice and creamy and a little briney.  The Sea Cow was nice and juicy and more sweet.

Not bad at all, so good we went back for more!img_0280 We didn’t want to fill up on oysters, because we wanted the other plates!

Here we had an Uni with bread.  Spread over the bread it was fantastic.img_0276A King Crab with a grilled Avocado and a beautiful sauce.  The avocado, when grilled, made it nicer. img_0277 We went for the big option – the Lobster Roll.  Cooked right, marinated right and blended with mayo, curry and others, it was great.  And the fries had a nice salt over it as well.  But the star was the bread, oh so buttery and grilled!img_0279And finally we had their Rainbow Trout.  Sous vide, it was just perfectly cooked and the mustard seed did it just right. img_0281Wanted to try the Mussels, but they were all out!  The calamari looked like a winner too, as did some of the desserts, but we were stuffed by then!

This is a place I am coming back to!


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