Ba Bar – South Lake Union, Seattle

I had an appointment in South Lake Union and decided to hop over to Ba Bar for a quick lunch.  I had heard so much about Ba Bar and it’s original Capitol Hill location.  Now they opened this one and it was closer to me.

img_0601 img_0602You head on in and there is a pastry counter, which is a little odd to me.  I mean, pastry in a Vietnamese snacks shop?  I can understand Vietnamese snacks, but Macaroons? img_0608Croissants and Macaroons?  I didn’t try, so I am not sure.  I do bet they go well with a Vietnamese coffee though. img_0607The place is pretty spacious and has a generous bar area. img_0604 Let’s get to the food!

Here is the special Bánh Cuốn which is made fresh every day in the back.

The rice flour is done perfectly and the chả lụa is perfect, though large, and when dipped in the Fish Sauce?  Yum!  Highly recommended!img_0606I went for the Phở Hà Nội lunch special, only offered at lunch.  It comes with sliced beef, pickled birds eye chili, freshly chopped ginger and vinegar.

I have to say that the ginger and the chili seep and infuse the great broth as it goes along.  I would absolutely say to time yourself when you eat it.  If you want the full taste of the ginger and the intense spiciness, then wait awhile longer.

Man, this was good.

img_0605I so want to try a lot of other things on their menu, so I will be back!


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