Cafe Selam – Seattle

It was suggested to me to go for Ethiopian food on my last night in Seattle.  Why not?  I had never tried it before and it would be a different experience.  We went to Cafe Selam, located in the Central District, near Capitol Hill.  Why this place?  It was one of my colleague’s son’s classmate’s family that owned and operated it.

Located in a small house, it’s cozy and wonderful inside.

img_0664 We had no idea what to order, so we asked for a recommendation.  We decided on the meat combination and the vegetable combination.  A little of everything.

And look what came!

img_0668 It looked good!  The Injera is a nice spongy sourdough flour bread that is soft and pliable.  It is meant to be broken up and used to scoop the meats and veggies, like all kinds of bread.img_0667The combinations that came out were also laid on out Injera.

In the middle is Beef and Lamb.  The beef is on the left and it is Alicha Beef.  This is Beef cooked with Red Bell Peppers, Jalapenos and Tomatoes in a Tumeric spice blend.  The Lamb is Lamb Tibs, Lamb cooked in a nice rich sauce.

Around the outside are vegetable selections.  The salad is on the top.  Going around clockwise you have some Cabbage, Alicha Miser (Lentils), Mesir Wat (Lentils), Shiro Wat (blended Red Beans), Iyb (Ethiopian Cheese) and Spinach.img_0666Such differing flavors, but it all blended well together.  A nice experience for sure!

I want to try some more!


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