In N’ Out – San Diego

I am in California.  What do I need?  In N’ Out.  To my delight, I had to make a pitstop to buy some items to bring home to Singapore at the Target and lo and behold, the seas parted and there was an In N’ Out!

img_0678 img_0674-copySeriously, do you even have to look at the menu?

I’ll tell you though, a Double-Double for that price?  What a bargain!img_0676-copy There is no other option.  Double-Double Animal Style.

Look at this bad boy.  Soft greasy bun.  Delicious Meat.  Melted Cheese with the mustard grilled in.  Extra sauce.  The onions.  Yes, oh yes.  I had dinner in 2 hours, so I could only savor one.img_0675-copyIt truly is magnificent.  The best.  No doubt about it.  You can’t beat it for the taste or the price.

If you want to open up a Singapore franchise, you have my number.


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