Gerbeaud Bistro – Budapest

Gerbeaud is a famous cafe/bakery in downtown Budapest, right on Vörösmarty Square, in the heart of the Inner City.  I decided on a late night dinner here and let myself watch the world go by.

Sitting outside, you can see the activity in the square. The menu I was only after one thing tonight – the famous Chicken Paprikash, or Paprika Chicken.

Tender, with homemade noodles, a nice sauce and sour cream.  Perfect.  Nothing spectacular, but good.Then I was after dessert, I mean, Gerbeaud is known for dessert! And with that, I need Espresso. Here’s what I am after, the famous Hungarian cake – Somlói Galuska.  Regular Sponge Cake, Cocoa Sponge Cake, Walnut Sponge Cake, all put together with Raisins, Nuts, Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Sauce.  Yum.

Simple dining, a little over priced because of the location, but good for watching people and getting to know Budapest for the first time.


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