VakVarjú Buda – Budapest

I had a business meeting on the Buda side and afterwards, we went for a nice lunch.  Where it was, I have no idea.  I do know it was south of the main area, about a 20 minute drive from there to the center of town. The address – Érem utca 2.

It’s quite a nice place, set in a residential neighborhood, you would never know it’s there until you go into a small car park, and there it is!

A path leads you to an inside and an outside.  With such a lovely unexpected March day in Budapest, we sat outside. A menu in Magyar! I still am a little confused about their Lemonade.  I think it’s Lemon Juice with Soda Water and then flavorings.  Anyway, this is the Sour Cherry one.  Awesome and good for gout!Started out with a lovely Vadmalacleves erdei gombákkal, tárkonyos galuskával (Wild Boar Ragout with Mushrooms and some Tarragon noodles).  Nice, and tastes lighter than it looks.  Good flavor! For a main, I didn’t want to go with heavy meats.  Instead, I went for some more fish.  This time it was Bőrén sült fogasfilé zsályás házi rösztivel, csiperkés furmintmártással, or Pike Perch with furmint wine sauce creamed with champignon mushrooms served with a sage rosti.  This was pretty darn good.  The rosti was pretty heavy, as was the cream.  I am not used to seeing a heavy cream sauce with fish though, but this worked.  Out of nowhere rises good food, and this place was definitely that!



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