alt Pizza – Katong

I have been curious about alt Pizza for a long time.  The pictures of the pizza look good, or close to what I like in a pizza.  Those of you that know me know that i want NY style!

I couldn’t resist the lunch special one day after a good yoga session at Yoga Lab.

It’s a little sparse inside, but that’s ok.  I’ve eaten awesome pizza in worse looking places than this.Here is my one-topping lunch special pizza.  This is Waygu Meatballs. Yes!  This does it for me.  A little thin in the middle, but otherwise the crust is pretty good, the sauce is pretty snappy and good, the meat balls are good too.

This will do for me if I need a pizza fix!

I went back because I had a pizza craving!  So here it is, the Sausage Pizza.

This one a little overdone, but still good.

Still works for me!

Third Visit!

No more Lunch Special so decided to just eat anyway.  Here is their Buffalo Bill – Chipotle Chicken, Blue Cheese, etc.  It’s supposed to be Buffalo Wings right?

Not quite, but still pretty tasty.

BTW, delivery on these pizzas is not as nice as having it right there.


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