Ten Don Ginza Itsuki – Tanjong Pagar

I really do like Ten Don, it is one of my favorite Japanese dishes, especially with a good sauce to go all over the rice and the maintenance of the crispiness of the tempura.  I had heard that Ten Don Ginza Itsuki at Tanjong Pagar is one of the best, so I had to try.

There is a good queue, and the seating is quite limited down at the bar where they fry up all the tempura and put together the dishes.  But the system works great.  Your order is taken when in queue outside and once you sit, you are served almost immediately. There is one station for veggies and one station for meat frying.  There are only two dishes on the menu here – Special or Veggie.

It starts with a Chawanmushi.  Clean and smooth and full of tasty morsels.Then I have the Special.  Prawn, Chicken, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Young Corn, full of goodness. The taste is good, no doubt.  It is a great bowl of Ten Don, you can’t go wrong.

On the side are pickled veggies, which also are great.

I still do prefer Ten Don Kohatsu at Suntec because I like the spicy sauce better.  But, it’s still a real good bowl!


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