Cera una Volta – Nuremberg

I will preach it again – there is great Italian food in Southern Germany and that includes Nuremberg.  Just a quick google to find a place near our hotel in the old town gave us Cera una Volta.  We decided to go check it out.

It was just opening as we found it, about 100 meters from the main drag.  Decorated like a fan piece too Italian actors, it had a ton of pictures of Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, etc.

We waited a little bit for a menu, we didn’t look at it online before we decided to go.  We waited.  And waited.  Then all of a sudden, they came to us and said that they don’t have a menu.  It’s a set menu that the chef decides to cook every day.  There is a Primi, a choice of two dishes for Secondi and a Dolci.

OK, we decided to go for it!

The Primi was a Tortellini, filled with a meat mixture.  Some peas and a slight Pomodoro Sauce.

Awesome.  Cooked perfectly, tastes were right there between sweet and tart from the tomato, and it was just a great start.

Our choice on the Secondi was either a Roast or Fish.  I went with the Roast.  It turned out to be a huge roast and I received a piece of the roast.

Tender, done medium rare.  The Sauce was outstanding.The other choice was Salmon and Calamari.  But my colleague got a piece of Tuna thrown in. He said it was all cooked perfectly.Dessert was Spumoni with some Lady Fingers inside and Watermelon. A nice experience, give it a shot when you’re in Nuremberg!


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