Hexenhäusle – Nuremberg

At the steps of the Nuremberg Castle there is a little Biergarten which offers a beautiful al fresco dining and drinking experience.  On a beautiful spring day where else would you want to be?

Plenty of benches and people waiting to chope a table from you.  On a nice day, you can see why. A little drink to begin with. Started out with an assorted platter of meats and cheeses with bread.And of course when you’re in Nuremberg you have to have Nuremberg Sausages. Here is a Stroganoff that a colleague had. It’s White Asparagus season and I love it.  This is with Hollandaise, or you can have it with butter.  Either way, quite nice and good!But this is why you come to Germany.  Knuspriges Schäuferla in Dunkelbiersauce, or Crispy Pork Shoulder.  The meat is tender, the crackling crispy.  And if you choose to partake in the Dumpling or Sauerkraut, absolutely filling. Gorgeous Spring evening, great food and great friends.  Awesome evening in Nuremberg.


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