Seafood Paradise – Changi Airport T2

Yes, in Singapore we go to the airport to eat!  It’s a phenomenon that I know only Singapore has.  And there are a lot of food options, and Seafood Paradise is one of them.  Located on Level 2 at Terminal 2, it’s a great place to go for a good meal.

Now honestly, when we go out with my in-laws, the menu is pretty much the same all the time.  That’s ok, because we enjoy it and like to eat it.

Hae Cho.  Nicely fried and tasty.

Kung Pao Chicken.  Not bad here and not too spicy, more sweet. Cereal Prawn.  Nothing more to be said.  Jumbo does it the best though.Spinach with three eggs. Fried Mee Sua. Chili Crab!  Sauce is nice. Butter Crab.  The sauce is pretty nice and tasty. Prawn Omelette. Good meal, decent price.  And at the airport!


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