Beef & Liberty – Shanghai

Yes, I was craving a burger in Shanghai.  You can’t eat Shanghai food all the time when in Shanghai, after all, it’s such a cosmopolitan city!

I heard that Beef & Liberty, which has branches in Hong Kong, had one at Shanghai Centre, where the Portman Ritz is.  So I headed on over.

The place is designed like so many other places now – the open ceiling/factory/bare bones motif. Started out with a Vanilla Ginger Shake – not a milkshake as they say, but made from Gelato.  It’s not as thick as a normal milk shake, so it went down fast! Decided to try the Mac and Cheese Bites.  It’s a little dry for me, the cheese needs to ooze a little more for this, and I am not sure what they sauce is for.  There needs to be a cheese sauce here! Now the main event!  A Bacon Burger with Fries! The fries were nice and crisp, solid for sure.The burger itself was nice.  Juicy, done at 50%.  It was not dry, it was flavorful and well done for sure!Burger craving satisfied!



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