The Bull & Claw – Shanghai

Lobster and Steak in Shanghai, that is what we wanted.  The Bull & Claw had closed its original location and moved, this time to the French Concession area.  The place is beautiful and comforting and full of diners looking for great steak and lobster.

When the crowds come, it is busy! There is a second level for a more private affair. The menu features Steak and Lobster.  We decided to go for the all out special, the Tomahawk and 2 whole Lobsters.  Why not?

It started with some Chips.  Filler.  Try a few to taste but leave your stomach for Steak and Lobster! You do need some salad to cut the richness of the Steak and Lobster.  This is a nice break. And here we go!  2 Grilled Maine Lobsters and a Tomahawk which has been carved for us – it’s under there!There is the nice Medium Rare Tomahawk under there which is tender and awesome. The Lobster is pretty good, grilled and nicely sized.  It’s not cheap, but this platter feeds 3 big eaters and 4 normal eaters.  Go for it!


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