Naughty Nuri’s – Capitol Piazza

Naughty Nuri’s is famous for its ribs and their location in Bali.  They have a branch in Singapore and it’s worth a try!

We decided to go with this set.  There seems to be a good selection here. Here we go!

Right in the middle are the ribs, with the grilled chicken on top of the that.  At the top are the Buffalo Drumettes.  To the right is the Grilled Squid with sauce and the Satay.  On the left top is the Smashed Potatoes, then the Achar is below that and finally the corn. The Ribs were tender as anything, pretty awesome.  The chicken also tender.  But the ribs, chicken and drumettes are way oversauced.  Too heavy on the sauce and it sort of drowns everything else out.

The squid is good and the potatoes were excellent.

They labeled this as a set for 4.  In my opinion, if you add Rice this feeds 6 perfectly.  And you need the Nasi because of the sauce, it would just balance the flavor out so much better.

So order Nasi next time!


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