Ginza Sushi-Ichi – Orchard

Michelin-Star Sushi.  I think I might be addicted after my experiences in Tokyo.  Thus, I had to try Ginza Sushi-Ichi – a Singapore branch of the Michelin Starred place in Tokyo and itself a recipient of a Michelin Star.

Located at the Marriott on Orchard, it was time to get my Sushi on!

A nice entrance.  Once you went in, you headed to the right where there were 3 chef stations and there was seating for approximately 15. 3 chefs working at the same time. Here is Chef Ryuta Katori ready to serve us! They have a few menu items.  You can choose different levels of Omakase and set meals.  I decided not to go for the full blown Omakase, but with something called the Sushi-Ichi course.  Not sure what it was, but let’s try.

We start with some appetizers – Vegetables with Chrsanthemum, then Scallops with Uni and a Prawn with Caviar.  A nice subtle way to start the meal.Next was Hirame (Flounder) Sashimi.  Fresh, thin and awesome.  Next up was Clam.  Katori-san picked it up, pounded it on the cutting board where it moved a bit – to show it was still alive – then cut it up.  Great texture.A little Tai (Snapper) is next. Aji (Jack Mackerel) is prepared next. Katori-san heads towards the Tuna courses.First there is Togan, or Wintermelon, with a Crab Sauce.  Delicately braised and flavorful! On to the Maguro.  Notice that the rice is not white.  They use a red vinegar to mix with the rice.  It is said that this cuts the fattiness of the fish and gives it a more balanced taste.  Interesting approach.And Chutoro! Katori-san then brings out the charcoal.  He uses this for Aburi, he says that the only way to do this is by charcoal and not electric grill.  It preserves the taste. Ootoro Aburi.  So fatty and nice. Next is a Grilled Barracuda with Uni and a Garlic Blossom.  Wow, tender and delicate, so good. Pickled Daikon to cleanse the palate.  I have grown to love these. Kohada. EbiWait, what’s this?  Hokkaido Uni! What?  For me? Oh yes!  Uni and Ikura Don.  Oh my goodness, so rich and wonderful. Miso. TamagoAnago. Minced Tuna Roll.And there you have it, the courses are done!  On to dessert, which is at the Sake Bar next door. Dessert is Honeydew with Grapes and Blueberry Ice Cream. You can’t get melons like this on the street.  Awesome. A good experience, the food was fantastic, the ambience great and Katori-san awesome.

But my gold standard is Sushi Kawano in Tokyo and this is not quite there.  But, it is really good!


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