Long Chim – Marina Bay Sands

Kaleb and I went for a little walk and excursion and we wound up at David Thompson’s Long Chim at Marina Bay Sands for lunch.  Well, I went for lunch, he drank his milk.

I thought he had Michelin Stars, but I guess I was wrong.  Any way, I have heard a lot about his cooking and the Thai influences and food, so I decided to give it a try.

Located on the second level, above the casino floor, it’s a nice open space.

Billed as Thai Street Food, you enter into the long passageway to the dining room.Spacious and nice looking place. Lunch has a set menu, and I decided to go for it. Started with the Cured Pork Fritters, as the others seemed a little regular to me.  The taste is quite nice, not too oily and flavorful inside. The main course was the Duck – a specialty of the house.  Tender and flavorful with the hints of the herbs in the smoke.  The plum sauce was a nice addition. Just nice! And I always go for dessert.  Mango Sticky Rice is too good not to pick.  Though the Green Mango Palm Sugar sounded interesting. Perfect, just wish there was a larger portion! Being at MBS it’s a little pricey, but you’re paying for location and name.  Give it a try once, then head to Nakhon for cheaper, and maybe even better, food.


We found ourselves here again, because we wanted to avoid some queues and felt like we needed Thai food.  What did we order?

Red Curry Duck.  Not too spicy and a bit sweet.  The flavors really do all melt together.

Salt Baked Tilapia.  I’ve seen this at al fresco dining places in Thailand and the taste is also right there.  Great, tender and soft.

I said that I would probably not come here again, but it’s hard to resist.  The food is good, but a bit pricey.  Still, maybe I will be back…


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