Long Chim – Marina Bay Sands

Kaleb and I went for a little walk and excursion and we wound up at David Thompson’s Long Chim at Marina Bay Sands for lunch.  Well, I went for lunch, he drank his milk.

I thought he had Michelin Stars, but I guess I was wrong.  Any way, I have heard a lot about his cooking and the Thai influences and food, so I decided to give it a try.

Located on the second level, above the casino floor, it’s a nice open space.

Billed as Thai Street Food, you enter into the long passageway to the dining room.Spacious and nice looking place. Lunch has a set menu, and I decided to go for it. Started with the Cured Pork Fritters, as the others seemed a little regular to me.  The taste is quite nice, not too oily and flavorful inside. The main course was the Duck – a specialty of the house.  Tender and flavorful with the hints of the herbs in the smoke.  The plum sauce was a nice addition. Just nice! And I always go for dessert.  Mango Sticky Rice is too good not to pick.  Though the Green Mango Palm Sugar sounded interesting. Perfect, just wish there was a larger portion! Being at MBS it’s a little pricey, but you’re paying for location and name.  Give it a try once, then head to Nakhon for cheaper, and maybe even better, food.


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