Omo Omo Food Concepts – Kallang Wave Mall

This place popped up a few months ago at Wave Mall and we finally had a chance to try it.  It looked interesting and we weren’t sure what it was.

It’s a fast food type concept, order, pick up when your buzzer goes off. So it turns out that it’s a Korean Rice/Noodle Bowl concept, along with some steak dishes. Went with the Ji Ji Chicken.  This is Teriyaki Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Soy Ginger Wings on Rice with an Onsen Egg.  A real nice taste.  There are sauces on the side to add in if you wish and I added in the Gojujang. For a noodle dish, we got the Udon with Bulgogi Beef and Onsen Egg.  The broth is quite nice and quite tasty. Added on a side of Takoyaki.  Soft and quite nice.The food comes quick, it’s tasty and the price is quite reasonable.  S$10 for the Rice, S$12 for the Beef and S$4 for the Takoyaki.

Definitely worth a revisit.


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