Bánh Xèo 46A Đinh Công Tráng – Ho Chi Minh

One of the dishes that a lot of people can find in Ho Chi Minh is Bánh Xèo.  But there is one place that everyone says you must go to and that’s Bánh Xèo 46A.

Located down what you would consider a side street, across from the Pink Catholic Church, it’s outdoors and you sit down and enjoy.

They have a decent sized menu, but unless you are a big group, you won’t order anything but the Bánh Xèo. I took a seat at the first table to get a view of it all happening. The kitchen is right outside for the Bánh Xèo. They cook it all in pans over charcoal.  One at a time and on it goes. I decided to start with some Goi Cuon.  The hardest part is that an order is five pieces.  How to finish all of this after you get your Bánh Xèo? Here it comes!  This is the regular version.  There is a larger one, but this is enough.  How do you eat it?  You take the greens and then you put pieces of the pancake inside and roll it and dip it in the sauce.  There is extra chili, fish sauce, etc for you to make your own sauce if you want. Open it up and you can see everything inside.  Onions, Bean Sprouts, Prawn and Pork. I proceeded to take my greens, wrap it around the Bánh Xèo and dip.  Awesome taste for sure!

Then I tried it alone.  Rather plain tasting.  Therefore the lesson – put it all together as you should to get the best taste.

Give this one a shot, it is awesome and local eating at it’s best.


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