Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut – Lucky Plaza

Had heard a lot about the Bebek Goreng at Lucky Plaza.  It’s a specialty in the Bali area in Indonesia, and I have had the Fried Duck there and wanted to see what it was like here.

Located on the first floor at Lucky Plaza, you have to get the Fried Duck.  They have the original version and then they also have Bebek Goreng Sangan, which is the Duck pan fried rather than deep fried.  But there are a lot of other items on the menu. I went with the original. It comes with Rice, some veggies and Tofu.  And Chili.The duck was still moist and tender, not too fried.  The accompaniments were pretty good to go with it all, and the chili is super spicy – be careful with it.

Time to try the other version next time!


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