Pablo Cheese Tart – Wisma

The famous Pablo Cheese Tart from Japan is at Wisma.  Let’s try it out!

The queues now are not so bad as they were before, but the wait was still about 10 minutes.  They have a few items here, as it’s a cafe, but the most well known is the whole Cheese Tart.  It is about 4 inches wide and is S$15. Cut it open and what you have is a filling which is very pudding-ish.  It is pretty wet, no runny, but wet.  The crust is very much like a Portuguese Egg Tart.  A nice taste, not too cheesy, but pretty good.They also have mini-tarts.  These are a little different, smaller of course, but the crust is more cracker-ish.  They have original, Green Tea and Chocolate. The Green Tea has the same oozy consistency as the regular cheese tart.The chocolate is a little more dense. I prefer the Green Tea one.

As for this Cheese Tart, give it a try.  I don’t think I will eat it very often though.


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