Akimitsu – Vivo City

The Ten Don craze continues in Singapore.  Let’s try Akimitsu in Vivo!

Sat down at the bar counter.  It wasn’t open, but they do all the cooking in an enclosed room.  Less intimate, but definitely keeps your clothes smelling better. Each Ten Don comes with Chawanmushi.  Soft, but a little tasteless. And you also get Miso Soup. They have a spicy Ten Don, so that’s what I went with.  here is the Ten Don.  The first thing that I noticed is that the batter is a little inconsistent.  And that the egg looks pretty nice.Then I started eating.  And I was totally disappointed.  The rice was not so good.  It was a little greasy and the spicy flavor?  It was the Pepper Powder!  Not the sauce.  What a joke.

A total disappointment.  I know I will never head there again.


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