Ma’ano Fried Chicken and Whisky – West Seattle

Living north of Seattle, I never made it to West Seattle while living there.  One a recent trip back, I decided to try Ma’ano out as people constantly talk about how great it is.  So I went for a Saturday brunch.

The place is packed for brunch as it is one of the hottest spots around. Here is the menu to peruse. Ma’ano specializes in two things. One is Hawaiian cuisine. Therefore, I had to go with the Loco Moco. Rice with a Portuguese Sausage, Egg and a Beef Patty with delicious gravy. Add in some of the lovely chili oil that they have and this is plain awesome. Mix it around a little and it looks even more awesome. The other thing is Fried Chicken. After all, it’s in the name of the restaurant!So tender, tasty and also plain awesome!  I am so upset that I didn’t get there sooner while I lived in Seattle!


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